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Member Benefits

Members in the Midwest Principals’ Center (MPC) share our pledge to work for all children served in our schools. Members believe that the needs of students will always be the measure by which we judge our work. The MPC is governed by practicing school principals and has, as its primary purpose, the professional development of principals and other leaders.

School Districts, Other Organizations

Advantages to Membership:


Example of Saving PD Funds Through Membership

# of Educators attending MPC Events

  • 10 Administrators/Educators from a district of 3000 students attend 2 Programs and 2 Legal Breakfasts.

MPC Partner District Cost

  • Partner Member Fee = $460
  • 10 x 2 x $220 Program Fee = $4400
  • Legal Breakfasts are Free
  • Total Cost: $4860.00

Non-MPC District Cost

  • 10 x 2 x $300 Program Fee = $6000
  • 10 x $50 Legal Breakfast Fee = $500
  • Total Cost: $6500.00

District Partner Savings over Non-MPC District Partner is $1,640.00.