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Launching an Engaging Newsletter

Tips for putting together an effective classroom newsletter, a simple step that can enhance teacher-parent relationships.

Here’s the family conversation happening in thousands of homes tonight over pot roast: 

Fortunately, something as simple as a classroom newsletter can dispel parents’ impression that their children spend school time trapped in an academic tundra. And that impression is consequential: Multiple studies associate positive parent attitudes about school with increased academic performance. We also know that school-home communication promotes parent involvement in children’s education, leading to reduced behavior issues, enhanced academic performance, better graduation rates, and improved literacy among diverse learners.


To enhance teacher-parent relationships, your newsletter should thematically and aesthetically represent you without being an unwieldy management job.

1. Determine your goals. Newsletters can be used to increase parent involvement, solicit materials and resources, reinforce student skills at home, and offer tips for supporting the whole child’s health, emotions, and academic achievement. Being intentional with your goals will help you focus your newsletter and provide more value to readers.

You should also consider the emotions you want to arouse in your readers—curiosity, inspiration, excitement, appreciation, or pride—to strike the right tone.

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