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Lead & Learn 17 Conference

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  • Lead & Learn 17 Conference
    October 25, 2017 - October 26, 2017
    8:00 am - 4:00 pm

Conference Program Schedule and Agenda Here!

Click link:  Lead & Learn 17 Agenda

Join us for 2 days of learning!

  • Over 50 breakout sessions over 2 days
  • Optional Full-day Administrators Academy on 10/25: Leveraging Emotional Awareness for Effective Schools (includes $32 of materials and $15 ACC processing fee)
  • 10 PD/CE Credit Hours Available!
  • Free parking and continental breakfast included

The Conference will Include:

  • Opening Keynote – Deb Delisle, ASCD Executive Director, Whole Child
    • During Deb’s 40-year career in education, she has served as a teacher, gifted education specialist, curriculum director, elementary school principal, district associate superintendent, superintendent, state superintendent, and university instructor. She was nominated as the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Elementary and Secondary Education by President Obama in January 2012, confirmed by the U.S. Senate on April 27, 2012, and served in that position until 2015. As an assistant secretary of education, she played a pivotal role in policy and management issues affecting preK, elementary, and secondary education for the U.S. Department of Education and oversaw 86 programs with a portfolio of almost 26 billion dollars. Delisle coordinated and recommended policy for programs designed to assist state and local education agencies in improving the achievement of preschool, elementary, and secondary school students.
  • Closing Keynote – LaVonna Roth, Ignite Your Shine.®-The Heart of Achievement! 
    • No student fits into a standard, one-size-fits-all box of core content. This wildly engaging and
      unforgettable experience will leave you motivated to uncover, foster, and amplify the unique gifts and
      talents that our students possess. Transformational schools serve the whole child, honoring each child’s
      obvious and undiscovered talents. Thus, we focus on Self, Heart (passion), how to Inspire and Navigate to
      create the Exceptional people our students are meant to be. You will leave with an action plan to S.H.I.N.E and an unwavering resolve to watch every child succeed in learning and life! This SHINEtastic culture shift will produce exceptional results, as you embrace, develop, and celebrate game-changing adult and student learners. When we clearly understand and honor the undeniable impact of unique gifts, we prepare our students today for their journeys of tomorrow. Best part- it’s also about honoring and valuing yourself and your colleagues. Learn how!

MPC Member Presenters include:

  • Jake Chung, Assistant Superintendent-Arlington Heights School D25
  • Serving the Most Marginalized Students Through Community Wraparound Services
    • Strong communities succeed when there are community supports that assist the most marginalized students.  The Dryden Place Project was designed to provide community wraparound services to students and parents that live in lower income housing by having community resources working collaboratively with the school district instead of in isolation.  This workshop will help to identify ways to structure and build community based wraparound services, inspire leaders to build a vision to support the most marginalized students through community based wraparound services, identify new approaches needed to support social emotional learning standards using community resources and share student successes.
  • Doug Bolton, Principal-North Shore Academy (NSSED)     
  • Building Classroom Communities to Support Our Most Challenging Students
    • New developments in brain research and social science combined with a rethinking of traditional behavioral approaches has led to instrumental changes in best practice for developing classroom communities that can best support struggling students.  By embracing these innovative ideas, we can enhance student engagement and create educational communities that can see student behavior challenges as opportunities for learning, rather than rely on practices of punishment and exclusion.
  • William Melsheimer  Semi-retired Principal/Superintendent-Wilmette and Hinsdale
  • Promoting School Improvement by Cultivating Professional Capital
    • This highly engaging presentation focuses on developing an understanding of professional capital and its influence on school improvement.  Participants will learn about the component parts of professional capital … human capital, social capital, and decisional capital.  In addition, they will complete an instrument and self-assess the status of professional capital in their schools, and deepen their understanding of how and to what extent schools and educational systems develop and cultivate professional capital.  Attendees will share their results in small, interactive groups for purposes of deep reflection that will support their growth and development.  Participants will develop an action plan that they can apply to the process of school improvement.
  • Dr. Rob Bohanek, Principal-D59 and Dr. Katie Ahsell, Director of Social Emotional Learning & Family and Community Engagement -D59
  • The Social and Emotional Foundation of Learning 
    • Social Emotional Learning is the cornerstone to creating conditions for learning. It has been said, “Maslow before Bloom.” We will examine a district and school approach that provides practical information in addressing human needs of students and teachers. This workshop will make a case for SEL from an MTSS lens, discuss the emotional needs for children and adults, share the paths to SEL in CCSD59 and at Ridge Family Center for Learning in CCSD59.
  • Andy DuRoss, Superintendent-D54, Dr. Paul Goldberg, Assistant Superintendent for District Improvement-D54 and Dr. Erin Knoll, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning-D54
  • Improving Culture with a Focus on Positive Psychology
    • The world’s best schools are engaged in creating a well-balanced system focused both on academics and developing a positive culture to enhance education. An engaged brain improves performance, pride, and culture, helps retain teachers, and deepens student, family and community relationships. Find out how Schaumburg (IL) District 54 (enr. 15,000) utilizes positive psychology practices to support a well-balanced system.
  • Dr. David Moyer, Superintendent-Elmhurst D205, Dr. Mary Henderson, Assistant Superintendent for Learning & Leadership Development-Elmhurst D205 and Jacquie Discipio, Principal, Bryan Middle School-Elmhurst D205
  • Creating Coherence through the Practice of Instructional Rounds
    • To support core student achievement priorities, increase administrative collaboration, and improve coherence throughout the system, Elmhurst CUSD implemented the practice of instructional rounds during 2016-17 school year.  This presentation will feature key learnings and assist participants in developing strategies to incorporate rounds into their school improvement practices.
  • Paul Kelly, Principal-Elk Grove HS D214
  • The Elk Grove Collab Lab: Creating Responsive and Sustainable Teacher-Led Professional Learning
    • Are your teachers learning and leading when you’re not looking? Learn how the Collab Lab at Elk Grove High School serves as a model of how to embed dynamic and collaborative teacher-led professional learning where principals can be partners rather than pundits. See real examples of how teacher leaders build a culture of ongoing learning through Lesson Studies, Learning Labs, Learning Walks, Spark Sessions, Student Panels, and even teacher-led Institute Days.
  • Becky McCabe, Retired Assistant Superintendent- St. Charles D303
  • Improving Classroom Management – From a Leader’s Perspective
    • This session will be a broad overview of what principals should consider in improving classroom and school-wide behaviors.   Principals will be provided with “real-life” ideas for leading and moving school culture to getting positive student behaviors. Principals will leave the session with observation ideas, ways to encourage and improve classroom teacher’s behavior management and questions to ponder in making school improvement in behavior.   Principals will share in small groups about their experiences and needs for classroom behavior improvement.
  • Maureen Chertow Miller, Director of Technology-Winnetka Public School D36
  • Developing the Maker Mindset
    • The Winnetka Public Schools are deeply rooted in the traditions of Progressive Education.  Join their STEAM TEAM as they lead participants through engaging activities geared toward K-8 students that demonstrate what it means to be Progressive in the 21st Century.  Participants will experience, first hand, the power of the maker culture and be offered insight on how to cultivate this maker culture and the many academic benefits that have resulted.

Other Invited Speakers include:

  • Laura Beltchenko – Literacy Belief Statements, Supporting a District Mission for Student Learning
  • Steve Oertle – Avoiding Rigor Mortis: How to Ensure High Levels of Cognitive Complexity in both Instruction and Assessment
  • Craig Gaska – A GPS for NGSS
  • Bobb Darnell – Students Don’t have to be Stuck in the Middle
  • Dave Nagel – Visible Learning
  • Carla Tantillo Philibert – Everyday SEL in the School: Integrating Social-Emotional Learning

Lead and Learn 2017 Conference strands include:

  • Transformational Leadership
  • Curriculum Development
  • Teaching and Learning
  • Whole Child
  • Poverty and Equity
  • Assessment and Grading

Lead & Learn 17 Agenda



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